Use of Corporate Video Production Skills in “About Me” Videos

Competition has become stiff, and it’s important for businesses to come up with effective ways to advertise themselves. We are no longer living in the era where marketing campaigns on third-party platforms were the in-thing and businesses spent a fortune to advertise in newspapers and televisions.


Marketing has now become more personalised, and consumers prefer dealing with businesses that can engage them on a one on one basis. The use of corporate video production techniques particularly for creating interactive “about me” videos have been embraced by several entrepreneurs via some of the best video production companies.


Technology and internet have raised the stakes when it comes to business marketing, and it’s, therefore, crucial for firms to tap into the latest corporate video production strategies to get the best results. Sales letters and printed advertisements were previously effective channels for marketing, but this seems to have changed in the recent past. Online users are very impatient and are always in a hurry to get information they’re looking for within the shortest time possible. Using strong corporate video production marketing clips to introduce yourself and what you do to your potential clients is the best way to capture their attention.


Writing a lengthy keyword rich “about me” SEO page is a good idea for attaining higher search engine positions but might not necessarily be the real solution to convert leads into sales. Multimedia advertising by using corporate video production “about me” videos is the best way to build rapport with your prospective customers. A lot of online transactions are taking place and having an “about me” video gives your clients a chance to see who you are and learn about your business niche. Doing this enhances personal interaction which is critical for your marketing because visitors who watch your “about me” video feel they know who you are and are more likely to take you seriously.


Producing short videos to advertise your business products and services is an effective way to get feedback from your current and prospective customers. Furthermore, “about me” videos play an instrumental role in improving your brand recognition which is vital for business marketing. Good corporate video production should be geared towards responding to the needs of targeted viewers and availing information they wish to know more about.


Video marketing is a powerful way of building business brands and having an edge over your competitors. Coming up with an engaging “about me” video pulls in more traffic to your website. This strategy, if used creatively, can be very instrumental in the promotion of your business and informing the world about what your business is all about. Business owners who are not familiar with corporate video production should engage experts who then are expected to come up with a roadmap of implementing this marketing strategy.