Press Release Videos

The use and need for video production is ever growing. Every respectable company needs to get information out there through their public relations (PR) department, and usually, information gets out there through press release, usually these are written. Of course, the type of information that needs to get out there is never about personal issues, but it's mostly about the latest company news. People need to have information about the latest updates of a company and its products. And that’s where video production can help.


Most of the time, press releases are newsworthy and they can serve as amazing advertisement for the company that puts it out there. Press releases are sent out to television stations, magazine editors and social media. However, nowadays, companies have realized that videos and images are much more captivating than written sentences. This is why there are now press release videos produced by corporate video production companies.


These are, most of the time, just like a written press release, except they come in video form, with some background music playing as images go by, the press release goes by with small sentences per image. This way, it won't be too boring for the target audience, and there is a much higher chance of people actually reading the whole thing, and understanding the message behind it, giving the press release a larger effect. Video press releases have been extensively used through the modern days in order to get information out there. Companies such as Microsoft, Phillip Morris and most of the corporations in the pharmaceutical industry have been known for using this type of press release.


Video production for this purpose is usually extremely successful in shaping public opinion positively toward the corporation to whom the press release belongs to. More and more corporations turn to this technique because of their great results. Sometimes, some production company produced videos are so good that they turn viral (they spread across the world through the Internet). This is the optimal goal with press release videos.



There are several different types of press release videos, ranging from plain text, to celebrity advertisement (a celebrity talks about the product and it's qualities), the "man on the street" (an "average" person is interviewed on the streets about the product), plain service demonstrations and just a little bit of information, and so on.